In order to ensure that the waste source registration application is appraised and approved smoothly and quickly, your company needs to provide the following documents:

Legal documents

STTLegal documents/information requiredHaveAre notNote
1Receipt of environmental protection fee payment for the last 6 months (if any)
2Wastewater discharge monitoring book, if not yet, monitor immediately within 15 days  (recent record)
3Book to monitor underground water usage (if underground water is exploited)
4If discharged into the sewer: Copy of wastewater testing form: 01 sample before treatment, 01 sample after treatment
5If discharged into canals or canals: Copy of wastewater testing sheet for 01 pre-treatment sample and at least 10 post-treatment samples with a frequency of 3 days/sample, surface water testing sheet determined at the cross-sections of the section. River at least 10 river water samples with a frequency of 03 days/sample including indicators COD, BOD5, Ammonium, Nitrate, Phosphate
6Certified copy of Land Use Rights Certificate (house rental contract…)
8Copy of business registration certificate
9License to exploit underground water (if underground water is exploited)
10Drawing of the current status of the wastewater and rainwater drainage system (signed + stamped by the Investor)
11Drawing of the current state of the water supply and drainage system (signed + stamped by the Investor)
12Wastewater treatment system design drawing signed and stamped by the investor
13Explanation of WWTP + operating instructions signed and stamped by the investor
14Detailed drawings of xlnt system functional tanks with CDT signature
15Wastewater drainage principle diagram with CDT stamped signature
16Rainwater drainage principle diagram with CDT stamped signature
17Water bill for the most recent 12 months if using local water
18Water exploitation permit if required despite applying for discharge permit
19Discharge permit if applying for renewal
20Certificate of registration of environmental protection commitment or decision to approve DTM,
21Monitoring report, is there a file?
22List of installed equipment for the wastewater treatment system (manufacturer, origin, main technical specifications, …)
23List of chemicals and microbiological products in wastewater treatment
24Consulting unit’s capacity profile (business license, two relevant professional qualifications, valid labor contract, consulting contract to prepare reports with the investor)
25Certificate of completion

(If the project must be certified for completion according to the proposal 18/2015-BTNMT)

26Consultants should note the following issues with investors:

1.    The discharge flow monitoring book must have an index that matches the flow meter reading on the day of actual inspection, not less than the number recorded in the monitoring book..

2.  The water bill and discharge volume must match, not too different, and the discharge volume must not exceed the water supply volume.

3.  Prepare photocopies of invoices and discharge books until the day of the actual inspection.

4.  The wastewater drainage system must be separate from the rainwater drainage system.

5.  Check if the clock is working.

6.  Power of attorney if needed

7.  Prepare people and equipment to prepare to take samples, do not let the inspection team wait to find people or tools.


STTInformation to be providedinfomations
Unit informationName:



Volume of discharge requested for discharge:
Explain the need for waste disposal

(provide number of employees, guests…) for calculation

Living needs for employees:

Needs for visitors:

Needs for watering plants:

Needs for fire protection:

Describe the wastewater and rainwater drainage system (specify collection areas, rainwater paths, and rainwater drainage locations)
Discharge method (self-flow or pump)
Discharge mode (24/24 or how many hours/day)
The unit’s water supply source (water or well water).
Describe the wastewater collection system, collection methods, and design parameters of the collection system
Describe the rainwater collection and drainage system
Describe the system of sewers, canals, ditches… leading treated wastewater to the receiving water source
Description of the wastewater outlet project (type of project, size, materials…)

If you have any questions about the Waste Source Book Owner Registration Document, please contact Nam Viet ETC for the best support from our team.

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