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In March 2012, Nam Viet was officially present in the Vietnamese market. After more than a decade of formation and development with the mission “Serving to succeed – Success to serve” and the goal of bringing customers the best value package. Confident with internal strength and determination, Nam Viet has been affirming its position as a reputable provider of water and environmental treatment solutions in Vietnam.

With solid potential in experience and a team of enthusiastic, dynamic and creative staff. Nam Viet has made continuous efforts in all circumstances to maintain and increase the trust of customers and partners. The “trust – cooperation” of customers is always the motivation for Nam Viet to try harder and further perfect the sustainable value that Nam Viet has brought to customers.

At Nam Viet, we always create a working environment, develop the internal strength of each individual and each department, always explore, learn, and offer the smartest, most valuable and convenient solutions to customers. goods, thereby completing your own mission of service!



“Promoting ultimate power to succeed and create value for the community” The vision of Nam Viet people is to always promote the extraordinary strength of each person in the collective as well as connect individual strengths together to create the ultimate strength of the collective. That is success and only then can we create and add value to the community.


“Serve to succeed, succeed to serve” South Vietnamese people always believe that service and success are two inseparable aspects of one process. If we truly live and work with the spirit of service, we will be successful. And if we are truly successful, we will have been serving

“Develop the economy, make a lot of money and everyone will be rich, everyone will have something to eat, only the Environment is getting more and more polluted and degraded. If we live richly in a polluted Environment, will we be happy? What. Nam Viet is always aware of its role in the country’s economic development and responsibility to society and the Environment.”


Nam Viet Group celebrates its 10th anniversary

Teambuiding 2020

Nam Viet Environment cleans up trash on Nha Trang beach to spread the message of environmental protection