In July 2021, Nam Viet Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company started construction of a pig farming wastewater treatment project in Daklak

Subject Project: Hung Nhon Group and De Heus Livestock Group

Location project implementation: Ea M’Droh commune, Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province.

Capacity : 1200m3/day (2 phases).

xử lý nước thải chăn nuôi heo
Xử lý nước thải chăn nuôi heo
Xử lý nước thải chăn nuôi heo

The entire wastewater collection system of the Project is solidly built and placed underground (HDPE plastic pipes, diameter 400 mm); has a natural slope and flow; Ensure easy drainage and do not overlap with other drainage lines.

Wastewater treatment process of the Centralized Wastewater Treatment System (Capacity 1,200 m3/day and night, system safety factor is 1.2):

Wastewater (Collected together with pig manure) → Collection tank (Compartment 1) → Pumping and pressing to separate manure; wastewater after separation → Collection tank (Compartment 2) → Biogas tank 1 → Biogas tank 2 → Conditioning tank → Intermediate tank 1 → UASB tank → Intermediate tank 2 → Anoxic tank 1 → Aerotank 1 → Tank Anoxic 2 → Aerotank 2 → Biological settling tank → Disinfection tank → Biological pond 1 → Biological pond 2 → Biological pond 3 → Receiving source.

Nam Viet engineer is waiting to install pipes

nuoc thai chan nuoi heo
xử lý nước thải chăn nuôi

Processing system livestock wastewater designed by Nam Viet ETC engineering team

Wastewater receiving source of the project: Dry stream (flowing to Ea M’droh Stream, south of the project). Wastewater requirements must ensure compliance with QCVN 62-MT:2016/BTNMT- National technical regulation on livestock wastewater (Column A with coefficient Kq= 0.9 and Kf = 0.9) before discharge to the receiving source.

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