To ensure that documents in the process of implementing the Environmental Project Report are appraised and approved smoothly and quickly, please provide the following information:

1Investment certificate or business registration certificate.Photo/Scan
2Land use certificate/factory rental contract.Photo/Scan
3Decision to approve EIA. ĐTM.Photo/Scan
4Copy of approved EIA book.Photo/Scan
5Register of hazardous waste source owners.Photo/Scan
6Documents for hazardous waste collection.Photo/Scan
7Electricity and water bills for the last 3 months.Photo/Scan
8License to exploit and use underground water (If using drilled well water).Photo/Scan
9License to discharge wastewater into water sources (if any)
10Contract to collect household waste, industrial waste and hazardous waste.Photo/Scan
11Overall floor plan drawing.Photo/Scan/Autocad
12Drawing of rainwater and wastewater collection and drainage.Photo/Scan/Autocad
13As-built drawings/Design drawings/technical explanations/operation instructions for wastewater and exhaust gas treatment systems.Photo/Scan/Autocad
14Fire protection approval or most recent fire prevention inspection report.Photo/Scan
15Minutes of agreement on rainwater and wastewater connection and attached drawing showing the connection location to the Industrial ParkPhoto/Scan/Autocad
16Wastewater treatment contract with industrial park.Photo/Scan

If you have any questions about the Environmental Project Report, please contact us for better support from our consulting team.

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