The environmental monitoring report requires the following documents:

  1. Investment certificate (latest photo)
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Report Book (or Project/Commitment/Environmental Protection Plan (Photo))
  3. Decision to approve the Environmental Impact Assessment report or Environmental Protection Project/ or Environmental Protection Commitment/ or Environmental Protection Plan
  4. Hazardous waste source owner book (Photo)
  5. Current number of employees.
  6. Production solid waste treatment contract (Photo)
  7. Hazardous waste treatment contract (Photo)
  8. Contract for domestic solid waste treatment (Photo)
  9. Documents for collection of hazardous waste and solid waste since January (Photo)
  10. Licenses such as: License to accept wastewater treatment system/ Emissions treatment system/ License to discharge wastewater into water source/ License to exploit underground water/ Other licenses if any (Photo).
  11. Electricity and water bill from January (Photo)

Above are the documents to complete the environmental monitoring report, please contact us for more detailed advice.

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