Things to do at the boiler

  1. Regularly clean the soot from the blower fan
  2. Clean the water meter once per shift
  3. Check the safety valve, once a week
  4. Blow down each shift as required
  5. Close all oven doors
  6. Control flue gas flows
  7. Clean and drain the ash hopper every shift
  8. Monitor furnace smoke and control fires
  9. Test the automatic fuel dispenser by occasionally stopping the water supply for short periods of time.
  10. Periodically check for leaks
  11. Check the operation of valves, dampers, etc. once a week
  12. Grease all mechanical equipment so they work properly.
  13. Keep circuit breaker panels and control equipment clean.
  14. Keep the area clean, free of dust. Place fire-fighting equipment in a ready position at all times. Organize fire drills once a month.
  15. The logbook must be filled out completely
  16. Change the direction of the FD fan if the ID fan changes direction.
  17. Check or calibrate the CO2 or O2 measuring device every three months
  18. Periodically check steam traps
  19. The quality of steam and water should be checked once a day or once per shift if possible.
  20. Check fuel quality once a week
  21. Open the auxiliary heater relief valves during start-up.
  22. Open the air valves during start-up and shutdown.

Things you should not do at the boiler

  1. Do not light the torch immediately after turning off the flame
  2. Do not drain water unnecessarily
  3. Do not open oven doors unnecessarily.
  4. Infrequent use of safety valves (Operational control)
  5. Do not overload the ash hopper.
  6. Do not increase the burning speed beyond the limit
  7. No raw water supply
  8. Do not operate the boiler arbitrarily
  9. Do not actually operate the boiler overloaded
  10. Do not let the water level get too high or too low.
  11. Do not operate the boiler soot blower at high load
  12. Do not change direction of the ID fan while in operation.
  13. Do not directly observe the fire in the oven, use safety glasses
  14. Avoid leaving the fuel layer too thick
  15. Do not allow untrained employees/technicians to operate the boiler
  16. Do not ignore unusual signs (change in sound, change in activity, difficulty in controlling), investigate the cause
  17. Don’t skip annual maintenance
  18. Do not prime the boiler
  19. Do not allow steam to form in the economizer (monitor the temperature.)
  20. Do not leave the grate empty (spread fuel evenly)
  21. Do not operate the boiler with water pipes that are leaking.

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