A home RO water purifier is a necessary product for almost every family and office

  • There are many lines on the market with different brands and designs
  • To help customers have a clearer view, Nam Viet would like to share some issues related to home RO water purifiers.

What is a home RO water purifier?

  • Popular water purifiers on the market today are water purifiers using RO technology
  • This is a water filtration technology that effectively produces water quality that can be said to be very good.
  • The RO membrane is so effective that heavy metal ions, dissolved mineral salts, bacteria and viruses are all retained by the RO membrane and it only allows water molecules to pass through.
  • This is why RO technology is so popular in the water treatment industry.

Benefits of using a home RO water purifier

  • Water quality through RO membrane is guaranteed.
  • Convenient, there is always water in the house.
  • No need to bother and waste time changing bottles when the water runs out

máy lọc nước RO Gia đình

AO Smith is the best family water purifier today

Structure of home RO water purifier.

On the market, 7-core, 8-core, 9-core… However, basically no matter what type, there are the following main parts:

  • Turbochargers. To filter water, pressure is needed to push the water away, so a pump is needed to increase the pressure.

  • Three filter cups

    • Cup 1 is a 5 micron PP filter core, this core removes dirt and impurities visible to the naked eye.

    • Cup 2 is an activated carbon core that absorbs odors, organic substances, and residual chlorine in water to protect the RO membrane.

    • Cup 3 is a 1micron filter element that removes small remaining residue before water passes through the RO membrane

  • RO filter membrane

    • This is the most important part of a home RO water purifier that determines the quality of output water
    • The RO filter operates according to the reverse osmosis mechanism:
    • Water moves from high concentration to low concentration
    • A high concentration means the normal water is concentrated, a low concentration means the filtered water is purer.
    • The RO membrane only allows water molecules to pass through, leaving dissolved salts, heavy metals, and bacteria trapped.
    • Water will pass through and impurities will be retained and discharged with part of the water.
  • Accummultor.

    • Contains clean water that has passed through the RO membrane, pre-pressured so that when you need to use it, you will have water, no need to pump.

    • When using a portion of water, the pressure drops, then the pump will open to continue filling until the pressure is sufficient and then stop.

  • Charcoal filter core and additional cores

    • Activated carbon filter core creates natural flavor for water.

    • Additional cores: this is why we see 7-core, 8-core, 9-core water purifiers.

    • Cores: supplement minerals, create alkalinity to neutralize acids, activate oxygen for better absorption by the body, kill bacteria and deodorize…

RO gia đình

Structure diagram of a basic RO water purifier

Is it necessary to buy an expensive home water purifier?

  • If your family can afford it, just buy good brands to enjoy the benefits
  • If your family cannot afford it, just a normal RO filter is enough
  • Most importantly, the quality of water through RO must be well filtered.

What is the most important household RO water purifier?

  • Dangerous heavy metals such as lead and Arsenic (Arsenic is also known as toxic arsenic in historical films).

    • These two metals are both highly toxic to the body.

    • There are cancer villages whose cause is that there is arsenic in the water that the people do not know about.

  • Pathogenic bacteria such as Ecoli, Coliform…

    • This is a group of bacteria found in stool.

    • Symptoms of infection are diarrhea, enteritis, and fever.

Máy lọc nước RO gia đình

Karofi is a popular water purifier line for families

How to Check the Effectiveness of a Home RO Water Purifier

  • The simplest way: Use a TDS meter to measure before filtering and after filtering

    • TDS after filtration is much lower than before filtration which is effective.

    • If TDS before filtration and after filtration are equivalent, the purifier is ineffective

  • The second method is a bit more expensive: send samples to China for analysis

    • Take two water samples before filtering and after filtering into 2 2 liter cans, send Pasteur Institute analysis according to drinking water.

    • Compare input output with target

    • Analysis cost is about 1.5-2 million/sample

The home RO water purifier has drain water, can it be fixed to avoid waste?

    • Partial discharge and part removal are characteristics of RO water purifiers, it is impossible not to discharge.

    • The average discharge per family is about 10-20 liters per day, which is not too large.

    • To save water, we can drain the faucet to the tank to water plants or clean

The company called me to periodically change the filter for my home RO water purifier. Should I change it or not?

    • Replacing the filter core periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommended time is good for the machine

    • However, you must rely on the quality of the water source and check whether it should be replaced or not

    • Personal experience often replaces cores slower than recommended by the company.

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