Water purifier error RO often encountered when the system operates, below are some causes and solutions:

The system does not start
after pressing Start
1. Faulty circuit, blown fuse, wire
source lost connection
2. Thermal protection element
3. Lack of water pressure
1. Check fuses and circuits
2. Reposition the thermal protection element
3. Check the water supply
Input coil no
open after power on
1. Broken wire
2. Faulty coil
3. Coil loop
1. Connect the wires
2. Replace coil, change ring
Pump runs but not enough
Rated power
1. Opposite direction of rotation
2. Filter core is clogged
3. Air in the pump
4. Drain valve opens
1. Reconnect the wire
2. Clean or replace the core
3. Push the air
4. Adjust pressure after discharge
Pump makes noise when increasing pressure1. Control coil or
circuit2. Mechanical coil error
1. Check and replace the coil or
electric circuit
2. Replace or repair the coil
Stopped due to lack of pressure1. Lack of source water
2. The core is clogged
3. Pressure adjustment error while discharging
1. Check the active water pump
move or not
2. Clean or replace the core
3. Adjust the pressure valve, keeping the pressure down
1.4 kgf/cm2
The wastewater pressure ratio is incorrect1. Leaking pipes
2. None of the discharge coils trip
1. Check the tube
2. Check and replace the discharge coil
Not enough pressure1. Pressure test tube is clogged
2. Vapor in the test tube
3. Pressure gauge error
1. Check the tube
2. Push up steam
3. Replace pressure gauge
Poor water outputDirty or clogged membraneWash the membrane with chemicals
Productivity is poor1. Dirty membrane
2. Supply water temperature changes
1. Wash the membrane with chemicals
2. Make the temperature suitable

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