Nam Viet Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company specializes in construction and installation of RO water filtration systems in Long An. We consult, take source water samples for analysis,  design and construct systems with guaranteed quality and quick service.

Why is it necessary to install RO water filtration in Long An?

  • The clean water system does not meet daily and production needs
  • Many places in Long An are salty and cannot be treated by conventional filtration
  • Industry develops, the demand for pure water to serve manufacturing industries increases

Filtration efficiency of RO water treatment system in Long An

  • Very high filtration efficiency removes 90-95% of TDS content in water.
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses in water
  • Produces good water quality on industrial scale.
  • Water can be drunk directly
  • Treat saline water into fresh water.

Structure of a water filtration system RO

  • Coarse filter: Use a multi-stage filter column to remove suspended solids 10 micrometers in size, iron alum, heavy metals, etc.
  • Activated carbon filter: Deodorizes, absorbs organic compounds, absorbs residual chlorine to protect the filter membrane.
  • Softening: Removes hardness mainly Ca2+ and Mg2+, to avoid membrane clogging
  • Fine filtration: Removes impurities as small as about 5 micrometers
  • RO:  only allows water molecules to pass through, leaving the impurities of mineral salts, heavy metals… all trapped and going out through the discharge line.

Lọc nước RO tại Long An

Nam Viet ETC installs RO systems at customers

Advantages of the RO water filtration system installed by Nam Viet ETC in Long An. 

  • Operates almost completely automatically, easy to control.
  • Backwash and regeneration modes are performed using pre-installed programs.
  • Indicators are controlled by strict online probes.
  • Output water quality is guaranteed to meet requirements.
  • When the system has an unsatisfactory output water quality problem, the online measurement system will automatically alarm and close the output, sending water back to the intermediate tank for filtering and reprocessing.

Lọc nước RO tại Long An

Acceptance of RO system

Nam Viet ETC has many years of experience in boiler, production and drinking water treatment. We are confident that we will bring customers the most effective and economical treatment solution.

Please contact us immediately for advice and support.

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