TTContentSL requestedFormNote
1Investment certificate/business license1Photo or notarization
2Certificate of land use rights / Land lease contract / Minutes of location agreement.1Photo
3Relevant legal documents (documents from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, People’s Committee, Department of Natural Resources and Environment…)1Photo
4Investment report (Project content)1Photo
aThe overall plan shows the location of production areas, existing waste warehouses, and environmental protection works.1Autocad/photo
bDiagram of water supply system1Autocad/photo
cDiagram of rainwater collection and drainage system1Autocad/photo
dSơ đồ hệ thống cấp nước, thoát nước mưa, nước thải1Autocad/photo
6Contract for wastewater and rainwater connection to the industrial park, drawing showing connection location1Photo hoặc scan
7As-built drawings, construction permits1Photo hoặc scan
8Drawings and technical documents of wastewater and exhaust gas treatment system (if any)1Photo hoặc scan
9Register of hazardous waste source owners (if any)
10The company’s location adjacent to other projects (front, back, left, right side adjacent to how many companies within a radius of 1km, corresponding manufacturing industry of each company adjacent to project)



– Project name (according to investment project, construction investment project).

– Project owner’s name, address and means of contact with the project owner; legal representative of the project owner; capital sources and project implementation progress.

– Geographic location (coordinates landmarks according to current standards, boundaries…) of the project location. Clearly describe natural, socio-economic and other objects likely to be affected by the project.

– Target; scale; wattage; technology and project type.

2.3. Products, capacity

What types of products are there (tons/year)?

2.4. Construction items of the project

List fully and in detail the volume and scale of the project’s work items, divided into the following 3 types:

– Main project items: main product production line, main construction investment items of the project.

– Supporting works items of the project.

– Waste treatment and environmental protection works items: rainwater collection and drainage; wastewater collection and drainage; wastewater treatment (domestic, industrial,…); dust and exhaust treatment; solid waste storage and treatment works; works to prevent and respond to environmental incidents for wastewater and exhaust gases; respond to oil spills, fires and explosions and other environmental protection works.

2.5. Production and operation technology

Describe in detail and specifically the production and operation technology of the project that has the potential to cause negative impacts on the environment and clearly state the basis for selecting the technology with an illustrative diagram.

2.6. Construction organization measures

Describe in detail and specifically the construction organization measures and construction technology for project items that have the potential to cause adverse impacts on the environment and clearly state the basis for choosing the measures. technology.

2.7. Progress, investment capital, project management and implementation organization

2.8. Demand for raw materials, fuel, and chemicals

Demand for raw materials

STTType of fuelUnitState of existenceMasstotal

2.9. List of machinery, equipment

List of machinery, equipment:

TTDevice nameOperating capacityYear of manufactureStatusManufacturing countryUses of machines

2.10. Labor, electricity and water needs

[Instructions: Please check the investment report: If it is recorded in the investment report, this item is not needed]

  1. Labor needs

Exist: ? workers, number of shifts: ? day shift

After increasing capacity: ? workers, number of shifts: ?shift/day

Does the company cook for workers or does it use industrial catering?

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