Symptoms of excess phosphorus in wastewater

Reservoirs wastewater After treatment, algae and toxins caused by cyanobacteria will appear

=> The amount of phosphorus in treated wastewater must be below 1mg/L.
phosphorus There are two main types of wastewater:
– The solid form linked in MLSS can be removed by chemical flocculation.
– The soluble form is more difficult to remove and requires biological measures.

Common ways to treat phosphorus in wastewater

  • Facultative anaerobic bacteria:
    • Anaerobic: Converts phosphate to phosphorus
    • Aerobic: Phosphorus oxidation => Anaerobic zone must have volatile fatty acids, pH > 7, temperature < 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Use alum, chemical iron salts: Works well at neutral pH but sludge and metal salts in the water increase .
  • Biological filtration: Use plants that can absorb phosphorus.

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