Microbial algae in the cooling system cause flow obstruction, reduce cooling efficiency and cause system corrosion. Nam Viet will help customers better understand microbiology in the cooling system and how to handle it.


Chemicals used for cooling towers are provided by Nam Viet

Formation of algae and algae in the cooling tower system Cooling Tower

  • The cooling system is always wet, creating favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms such as algae, fungi, and bacteria.
  • The growth of these microorganisms creates a film on the surface.
  • As it grows more and more, it will become a layer of scale.
  • Compared to a closed cooling system (chiller), an open cooling system (cooling tower) is a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow.
  • Conditions of temperature, pH, air, and circulating nutrient content help microorganisms grow.
  • Light is a necessary condition for algae to grow.

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Slimy algae clinging to the radiator fins of the cooling system

Microorganisms commonly found in Cooling Tower cooling tower systems

Bacteria in the cooling tower system

Fungi in the cooling tower system

  • There are two basic types, including mold (small filaments), yeast (single-celled)
  • Fungi also create viscous deposits in cooling systems.

Algae in the cooling tower system

  • Algae are autotrophic organisms that use photosynthesis.
  • Green algae and blue-green algae are quite common in cooling tower systems.
  • Unbalance the flow and reduce the efficiency of the heating system.
  • The above microorganisms exist in the cooling system system, creating a covering layer of microbial membrane.

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Algae and scale build up on cooling pipes

Chemicals for microbiological treatment of algae in the BSG 30 cooling tower system

  • BSG 30 is a non-oxidizing, low-foaming microbiicide for treating microorganisms in open cooling systems.
  • BSG 30 is unaffected by soluble salts, hardness, oil contaminants and copolymers.
  • BSG 30 does not contain heavy metals, only contains a mixture of easily decomposed organic substances.
  • BSG 30 for environmentally friendly cooling system water treatment.
  • BSG 30 kills algae and algae in cooling systems with high activity and is used as a microbial detergent.
  • Low toxicity, easy to decompose.
  • BSG 30 is injected into the system at any time during open cooling system operation.
  • BSG 30 can be introduced into the system directly by manual method or by dosing pump.

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