What is a bottled water filtration system?

  • The bottled water filtration system is essentially an RO pure water filtration system
  • After passing through the RO system, the water will go through a filling line to be packed into jars or bottles depending on product needs

Structure of RO bottled drinking water filtration system

Supply water tank

  • The feed water tank contains the incoming water source for filtration
  • The water supply tank helps stabilize the water flow to help the system operate stably

Coarse filtration equipment

  • Removes impurities suspended in water
  • Removes iron content in water

hệ thống lọc nước uống đóng bình đóng chai

Structure of RO system to filter bottled drinking water

Deodorizing device

  • The main ingredient is activated carbon
  • Removes odors and organic compounds
  • Removing residual chlorine helps protect the RO membrane

Softening system eliminates hardness

  • Helps remove hardness (Ca2+ and Mg2+)
  • Avoid clogging the RO membrane behind

Fine filter columns 5micron, 1 Micron and 0.2 micron

  • 5 micron fine filter and 1 micron fine filter filter residues as small as 5 and 1 micron to protect the RO membrane
  • 0.2 micron fine filter filters dead bacteria after passing through the disinfection system, ensuring the delicious taste of water

RO filtration system

  • Works on the principle of reverse osmosis
  • Removes most heavy metals, ions dissolved in water, and bacteria
  • Only let pure water pass through

UV light

Helps kill bacteria, ensuring hygiene and safety for water sources

Component water tank

Stores filtered water to prepare for bottling the finished product

Electrical control system and technological pipelines

The electrical cabinet system controls the pumps and operating system

Technological pipes connect the filtration system and filling system

Bottle filling and bottling system

  • You can choose an automatic filling system or a drum filling system depending on the customer’s investment needs
  • The filling system includes bottle washing nozzle, bottle filling nozzle, bottling nozzle and conveyor belt

hệ thống lọc nước uống đóng bình đóng chai

RO system filters bottled drinking water installed by Nam Viet

What water source can supply bottled water?

  • You can use tap water or well water that meets domestic standards to supply the bottled water filtration system
  • If self-exploited river well water sources do not meet domestic standards, they can clog the filtration system

Standards apply to bottled water sources

See section 4 of QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT standard here

What do businesses producing bottled drinking water need to prepare?

  • Choose a production site in a dry, cool, clean place, avoid areas near toilets, barns, cemeteries, landfills….
  • Apply for a water business license
  • Brand logo packaging design
  • Install water filtration system and filling line.
  • Register for food safety certification and regulation conformity certificate

Nam Viet Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company specializes in installing RO systems to filter bottled drinking water. Customers who need advice on installing the system please contact hotline 0932562177

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